A Steady Start To The 2nd Edition Of ITMACH Bhiwandi

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The growing prominence of government policies and the marked growth of the textile industry over the last few years made way for a positive business platform at ITMACH Bhiwandi. Owing to the radiance and as an answer to the evolving business environment, ITMACH Bhiwandi is back with a bang this year and open to visitors from 17th-19th December 2015.

The show opened with a renewed vigour and optimism this year at Bhiwandi today. ITMACH Bhiwandi 2015 aims to stand true to its reputation once again and has set the stage for investment and newer opportunities right on the first day.

The visitors flow peaked by noon and by the end of the day it signals to a steady start of the exhibition. The exhibitors reported a good bank of queries right at day one. “We were not really expecting much considering the venue being in Bhiwandi. However, we have to say we entertained a series of positive queries today," informed an excited R. Anbazhahan, Managing Director, Reiniger Welker. When asked about the quality of the queries, he further added, “Compared to what we expected, when people call us to say that they are visiting the exhibition to see our machines working live and then leave a query for us. We eagerly wait to readdress the queries post the exhibition. These queries are definitely qualitative business responses."

 Following the overwhelming response of 2014, Bhiwandi has mapped several success stories so far. A shift from shuttle to shuttleless looms, an opening for the processing industry etc. ITMACH Bhiwandi 2015 closely follows on this path to success. The show was inaugurated by Tushar Chowdhury, Mayor, Bhiwandi and Sumit P Patil, Corporator, BNCMC today at Bhiwandi. The honourable chief guests were immensely vocal about the positive developments taking place at Bhiwandi. “ITMACH Bhiwandi is pioneering developments within the textile sector. The machines on display demonstrate a worldview. The industry here definitely takes an effort to go and fetch improved machinery from the world over, but bringing them back home and that too solely for a cluster is definitely a commendable work,” commented Tushar Chowdhury.

“ITMACH Bhiwandi understands the importance of firsthand experience and our effort has always been to get the international developments of the textile industry closer to home. Promoting the development of textile clusters in Western India has always been our priority and ITMACH is just a stepping stone of our efforts. Uplifting the textile clusters and bringing them face to face with the bigger developments of the industry, proved beneficial the last year. This year is a renewed effort for the same,” remarks an enthusiastic Arvind Semlani, Director, ITMACH India.

Visitors on the first day were definitely a proof of the growing success of the show over the years. Visitors from Malegaon, Surat, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Tarapur, and Bhiwandi dropped in to meet the technology providers. “The show is set on a smooth step by step progress. And it is certainly an interesting feeling to come and interact with the industry and have such quality business discussions here at Bhiwandi,” spoke a happy Manchhalal K Jain, Director, Shree Daksh Jyot Silk Mills, Bhiwandi.


ITMACH Bhiwandi is growing from strength to strength on the path of progress and meeting its aim to bring technology closer to customers.

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