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Textile Value Chain ( Volume 1- Issue 1)

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A value chain is a chain of activities for a firm operating in a specific industry. Products pass through all activities of the chain in order and at each activity the product gains some value.


Textile Industry is mix of Organized, Unorganized & Fragmented Business units. It has value chain actors and non actors which are directly or indirectly affecting industry. Chain from fiber to Garment, Garment to Retail. We will cover each chain member individually step by step.


Our effort in this magazine is to reduce and filling the gap among all textile contributor in the industry. We are covering entire Value chain area from Fiber; Yarn; Fabric; Garment; Retail.  We had asked few contributors about gap and education requirement in industry, we had published few interview for more insights of industry contributors.


Human Resources, A resource, for which India is proud of…!! In Textile industry this resource is not much educated, not highly skilled, but fine skilled workers.  No formal, technical institution, colleges focus on this industry, treating this industry as commodity.  Lack of Focus in industry, lead lot of distance, Gap among human resources and Business units in India. Gap is due to non proper coordination and Communication, no medium for passage of information, Lack of Knowledge, many other aspects. Education is back bone of Quality Human Resource in industry, we had given analysis of Human skills requirement and gap in each sub-sector in textile industry. 


Learning is a lifelong process in human life. Learning process makes life more interesting, valuable, more “Human” and meaningful..!! We cover a series of Meaningful Learning articles which you will find important and interesting.


This compressive Quarterly Magazine, you will find more meaningful, informative and knowledgeable. Our effort is to Reshape textile industry and your life in New Positive and Growing Direction..!!


We are open for new ideas, expert opinions, and valuable critics about our magazine. Kindly send your feedback and suggestions for further improvement.


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