NSC to present latest core machines at ITMA 2019.

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NSC (N. Schlumberger) will display latest core machines at ITMA 2019, in hall 6-A107. The textile and garment technology expo will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from June 20-26, 2019. Designer of textile machinery and complete fibre-to-yarn lines, NSC is a leader in combing/recombing, spinning preparation, tow to top, and semi-worsting of long staple fibres. 

The ERA combing machine will be presented in a multi-servomotor drive design. With this new drive, most of the settings will be possible via the main control screen. A wide range of materials have been tested on this new ERA combing machine and results are promising mainly for delicate material which has to be processed in a gentle manner. Also, despite the additional motors, power consumption remains relatively low, the company said in a media statement. The GC chain gill also benefits from additional axes driven by servomotors which allows more settings on the main control screen. For its FMV vertical rubbing frame, NSC has also developed a multi servomotor drive for the axes. The bobbin build-up also benefits from a servomotor controlled drive. All these new servomotor drives will allow more precise settings than using standard gearboxes which will enhance textile quality. Furthermore, these new drives and technology allow recipes to be saved on each machine, data exchange between machines will be possible through a Manufacturing Execution System (MES – Industry 4.0), as is remote access to the machines in case of incidents through an Ethernet connection. All these new technologies on NSC machines follow the global trend towards user-friendly, tool-less machines, with accurate settings via the control screen to enhance textile quality.


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