Alchemie launches waterless smart dyeing technology.

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Alchemie Technology, a UK-based digital materials science company that bridges the gap between the digital world and the physical domain, has launched a breakthrough new technology in textile dyeing: The Alchemie Endeavour waterless smart dyeing process, at Interdye in Shanghai, delivering a step change in sustainability at a radically lower cost. The Alchemie Endeavour waterless smart dyeing process is capable of throughputs of over 2,000 square metre per hour and will reduce waste water and energy by over 80 per cent. This delivers a greater than 50 per cent reduction in cost. The waterless process can deliver dyed fabric that does not require post dyeing washing steps to deliver finished product; a remarkable sustainability advantage, the company said. The technology delivers exceptional results with high colour consistency and colour fastness.

Based on Alchemie’s proprietary digital manufacturing technology, the system can deliver any colour shade required and enables on-demand digital colour changeovers in any run length from a few metres to several kilometres. “At the heart of the system is a unique new dyeing process that distributes dye molecules deep into the fabric enabling very high absorption, homogeneous distribution and excellent fixing efficiencies. This results in minimal wash out, even at very high saturation levels of dye: this is an industry first,” an Alchemie press release said. The Endeavour technology includes a fully automated colour lab sampling system to perfectly match a customisedcolour in a very short time making the system a truly ‘end-to-end’ high performance sustainable dyeing solution with ultimate performance.


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