Textile minister launches 'India Size' project.

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Indian textiles minister SmritiIrani has launched the ‘India Size’ project in Mumbai that aims to arrive at a standard Indian size for the ready-to-wear apparel industry, similar to the standards available in many Western countries. The project is being undertaken by her ministry in collaboration with the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI). CMAI represents 45,000 apparel manufacturers and retailers in India.

The first-ever anthropometric study in the country covering 25,000 respondents will lead to a size chart that will primarily benefit consumers, she said. The minister also launched a study of apparel consumption in India, to be undertaken by CMAI over three to six months, to arrive at an accurate assessment of the total apparel consumption in the country. That will help in more accurate business projections, better marketing strategies and investment into the industry, an official press release said. The study aims will try to come up with region-wise and product category-wise consumption patterns in the country, a reliable database, which could then become the foundation to study growth patterns in nest year. The report would be ready for release by July 2019. The minister also presented the ‘Transforming India through Retail Awards’ to 18 retailers. 


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