Maharashtra Govt Offers Power Subsidy To Spinning Mills

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The Maharashtra Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday decided to reduce the power tariff by Rs 3 per unit for cooperative spinning mills. This will provide a boost to the textile industry in the state.


For other projects like power looms, processing, garment, hosiery etc. the power tariff has been lowered by Rs 2.


To encourage the ambitious ‘Make in Maharashtra’ initiative the state government has drafted a new textile policy which will ensure progress and benefit of textile industry along with farmers, women and weaker sections of the society. Besides, reduction in power tariff, this policy envisages special encouragement for the use of non-conventional energy, official sources said.


According to the sources, the spinning mills will now get power supply at a rate reduced by Rs 3 per unit. But this will not be available for power supply from open access. A provision of Rs 150 crore annually is being made for three years. In this period of three years the textile projects are expected to develop their own non-conventional energy sources like solar or wind to fulfil their future needs. The limit of 1 MW net meter is removed from this scheme. The concession will be reviewed annually and if found to exceed Rs 150 crore then the concession may be further reduced.



Except 107 HP high pressure cooperative spinning mills, other textile projects will get power supply at a rate reduced by Rs 2 per unit. The concession applied to power loom will now be applicable to garment, knitting and hosiery industries also. The cross subsidy applied on open access will now be removed for textile components. The projects using non-conventional energy will not be charged other surcharges, the Cabinet has decided.

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