Opinions on Demonetisation After A Year

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Mr. Vinod Chotani: Md of Sudha Mills India Pvt Ltd

Demonetisation has been promising for traders as black money has been wiped out from the market, so there is no delay in fabric delivery. Businesses have witnessed tremendous changes has more e-transactions are taking place and not forgetting GST which has reduced the burden of paying so many different taxes.

Mr. Rajendra Chetty: MD of Srivari Industries

 Honest tax paying businessmen and industrialist were not affected by Demonetisation. Yes, black market suffered during Demonetisation but then to they are still streaming in the market. India on its peak of progress as electronic money and transaction is on full-fledged.

Mr. Shiv Kanodia: Ex. Hon General Secretary Bharat Merchant Chamber


Demonetisation is first in India as in textile Industry nobody was sure about the result but it is well enough, situation moneywise quite good. Credit purchase is very much low now, Demonetisation has change the scenario. In the beginning there were several difficulties but over all benefits are goods.


 Demonetisation is very good for financial growth of the country and companies existing in country. As regards to ALT has straight norms from the beginning did not change by Demonetisation. Its bring rationalisation to business and GST has given fair play ground to every industry. 

Mr.Kaushal Shah: MD of Kups Enterprise(Cosset international)

 As a result of Demonetisation, we face some instability in first six month but after six months we seen more clarity more accountability and purity in business.If everything going well and good and everybody support it's definitely make India's and Indian future bright.Any New comers can achieve their goal in this new era of business. 


Bhiwandi’s Powerloom Industry Continues To Struggle

1) Khalid Ansari, a young businessman who was running his family business for the past 10 years, shut his unit with 24 powerlooms three months back. Demonetisation hit his business hard and forced him to shut his 30-workers unit.

2) Mumna Shaikh has been sending his earnings back home to Sultanpur since 15 years but after the powerloom

unit was closed down, Shaikh has not sent a single penny home.

3) There are clear signs that the unorganized industry

will not be able to survive much longer unless they enter


the organised sector.


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