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“Think Taiwan for Textiles”, a slogan that has taken on many meanings, whether you are looking for textile innovation, fashion, sustainability or just reliable consistent communication, Taiwan is the place to start and finish.


The Taiwanese textile industries have been long time leaders in the development of environmentally friendly concepts and are leaders in recycled polymer and polymer blends. From yarns for apparel, industrial and sport accessories, recycled yarns are growing in importance and are a core part of the Taiwan textile industry.


Eco friendly, sustainable practices have become a core background of Taiwan textile development. However, innovation is still the critical glue that keeps it all together. New products are what keep the engine going, making the value proposition irresistible.



Fashion as part of function and eco-friendly textiles is an important factor. Fashion is taking on new meanings as smart textiles and wearable tech products flood our lifestyle. The proximity and close ties of the Taiwan technical products industry helps lead the way. Ranging from smart metallic yarns, heat sensitive color phase finishes and heating and cooling textiles coordinated with battery and energy conserving processes, the ideas and potential seems limitless. Fashion in apparel and casual sport yoga inspired sportswear is evident as this market is expanding. New yarn developments allowing multiple looks and textures are driving innovation. Soft, crisp, vibrant or mellow, inspired market looks and touches are there. Mixtures of new technologies and fashion allow new design elements that were hard to imagine in the past. Polymer based yarn developments in polyester, nylon, recycled and blended with natural fibers lead the way. You can have the look and feel of natural fiber fabrics with the performance and flexibility of synthetics. Comfortable, breathable, wind and water resistant textiles mixed and matched in breathtaking design elements. Add in odor control and a myriad of product enhancements allowing new and innovative design directions bringing the consumer endless options.


The final piece of the Taiwan textile value equation is the vertical integration of many of its core textile suppliers into the finished garment business. Garments for yoga, outdoor, fleece and traditional woven apparel and knits of all types can be sourced directly with Taiwanese companies that have facilities in multiple international locations designed to deliver the quality and price you need, made in the geographic area that works best for the various companies tax and or policy initiatives that fits your needs. Taiwan brings a designed integrated flexibility in apparel from a group of innovative world class textile companies.


The strongest growing category in apparel today is the classification of casual sport. Garments that look good working out in a gym and at the same time get you to the mall, work or just relaxing at home. The broad product offerings, technical attributes and fabric flexibility puts the Taiwan industry in a unique position. No other place has everything you need so compactly organized in the realm of a huge dynamic textile market, Taiwan has it all.


Taiwan textile manufacturers are promoting sustainability, technological innovation and new functionalities textiles at TECHNOTEX 2017


Thanks to a surge in global demand for sustainability, technological, innovation and new functionalities textile, Taiwan’s textile manufacturers are surfing the wave by catering to the wellness generation, getting the production more cost-effective and going greener.



At TECHNOTEX 2017, TTF will bring an exhibiting delegation of 8 Taiwan excellent textile suppliers and ‘Taiwan Select’ will display the highlights of participant exhibitors. The Taiwan Select is under the Textile Export Promotion Project”, which is commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade. Moreover, the sourcing support for buyers as well as manufacturers and the updated Taiwan Textile industry information will be available at Taiwan Select. Please visit Taiwan Select (booth no. 42.2) and Taiwan Pavilion (booth no.42.1~43.5) for sourcing the innovative, sustainable, reliable products from Taiwan.


  • Event: TECHNOTEX2017
  • Date: 12-14 April | Time: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Venue: Hall V, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Goregaon (East), Mumbai-63,India


Meet us and get to know us.



The Taiwan Textile Industry has made it easier for you to get to know us every year. You can even find us on our informative “Think Taiwan for Textiles “web site for all the latest TTF news and events.


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