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'Sri Lanka's willingness to adapt will define its future'.

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The willingness of Sri Lanka apparel industry to adapt and advance will define its future, said Kurt Cavano founder of GT Nexus—an Infor company. The Sri Lanka apparel industry has been at the forefront of embracing transformation and applying it everywhere from facilities, fabrics, production processes and strategic co-innovation programmes with brands.   

Change and innovation should be embraced, instigated and steered as Sri Lanka must continue pressing forward, said Cavano at the ninth annual South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  

"Most industries, fear change. Some anticipate it and prepare for it by strategizing and mitigating risk — which is good. But, Sri Lanka’s apparel industry not only prepares but charges towards change — which I think is fantastic. And we should all applaud this," said Cavano encouraging the industry to continue this trait, and highlighted it as the quality that will define the future of Sri Lanka Apparel, setting them apart from the rest.

Years ago, the apparel industry began sourcing as a way to capture low costs. Cheap labor and materials were the primary draws to places like Sri Lanka. Today, that dynamic has shifted. Brands and retailers are all about improving customer service and finding new ways to delight consumers. They turn to the Sri Lanka community for ideas, innovation and opportunities. They tap companies like MAS, Hirdaramani and Brandix to produce and deliver new products to differentiate their brands. It’s important to keep asking, “What’s next? What new products or services can we create that will deliver value to brands and consumers?”

Cavano, founded GT Nexus—now an Infor company—which went on to become the best known cloud-based global supply chain management system with clients spread across all continents, making it the largest cloud platform of its kind. With a BS in Bioscience from Penn State University and an MBA from New York University, Cavano serves on several boards including the American Apparel and Footwear Association and the American Apparel Producers Network. He travels the world speaking and writing on topics concerning technology, international trade and global supply chain management.

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