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China sets out economic goals for 2019

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The top-planning body of the Chinese Communist Party laid out its broad goals for the economy in 2019, which are due to be discussed by the country’s leadership at the annual Central Economic Work Conference later this month.


Among the government’s priorities are to keep economic growth in a “reasonable range” next year, support trade and investment and continue to "promote reform" Reuters reported via state media.


“We should strengthen coordination and cooperation, focus on major contradictions, grasp the pace and strength of the economy, and strive to achieve the best policy mix and the maximum overall effect,” the Politburo said.


The meeting aligns with remarks made President Xi Jinping earlier this week, when he reiterated the government’s line on fairer and more efficient practices.


“We must unswervingly deepen structural supply-side reforms, adopt more ways of reforming and opening up (the economy), and take more market-oriented and rule-of-law means to continue producing solid results,” said Xi.

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