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ThreadSol Software Launches Apparel Manufacturing Solutions IntelloCut and intelloBuy in Africa and Middle-East

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The business solutions are world’s first Artificial Intelligence and Big Data based software for the apparel manufacturing industry.The solutions help manufacturers boost their topline and bottomline.


When MAS Holdings wanted to reduce their lead times and efforts while keeping up with the profits, they heard about ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd.- world’s fastest growing technology company in the apparel space. After the implementation of the two solutions from ThreadSol- intelloBuy and IntelloCut, MAS was able to reduce its lead time by 7 days in addition to process automation and elimination of processing errors.


After a successful run in 15 countries with over 120 apparel manufacturers, ThreadSol is proud to enter the African and Middle-East market to help the apparel manufacturers in the emerging geography.


This is world’s first artificial intelligence and big data based system in the apparel industry that helps in fabric optimization to save cost and make billions of dollars in profit.


“ThreadSol is proud to enter a new phase of business with the emerging African and Middle-east markets. Our run in South-east Asian countries have been quite successful with the biggest giants adopting our technology. We are very positive about the African and Middle-east market’s openness to adopting new technological solutions. We really hope to provide direct business benefits through topline and bottomline boosting to the apparel manufacturers in Africa and Middle-east”, says Manasij Ganguli, CEO and co-founder at ThreadSol.


ThreadSol’s IntelloCut and intelloBuy helps apparel manufacturers by:

-       Buying accurate amount of fabric to avoid any deadstock

-       Reducing fabric losses at the cutting stage

-       Helping in shipping more garments


This way the solutions help manufacturers in boosting their topline and bottomline.


Mr. John Yu, Director at Xinrimei (China) is very positive about the advanced technology: “From half year of operation, this system not only helped us save fabric but also provide us with many accurate reports to evaluate our fabric suppliers and analyze the wastage for factory. Meanwhile it’s able to support big database to make better and accurate decisions and helps in better cost control.”


ThreadSol’s intelloCut and intelloBuy claims to reduce the order planning time from 30 min to just under 6 min.


Apart from this, the solutions are 100% mobile driven. They generate a score of automatic reports available on mobile phones.


“Regular reporting about a factory’s performance is one feature I personally like about the product. It keeps you updated at every step on your mobile phone. So, even if you are on a holiday to Bahamas, you can view your factory’s performance in real-time. It has truly revolutionized the industry globally, and now it’s time for the African and Middle-Eastmanufacturers to reap its benefits” adds Manasij Ganguli, CEO at ThreadSol.


For changing its landscape, the apparel industry needs regular updates in technology and IntelloCut and intelloBuy are such ground-breaking product.


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About ThreadSol:

ThreadSol solutions- intelloCut and intelloBuy, currently planning 3.3 billion garments annually in 15 countries have already set standards amongst Sewn Products’ automation solutions worldwide. IntelloCut helps in minimizing wastage and maximizing fabric utilization hence allowing manufacturers to ship extra garments. IntelloBuy helps in buying right yardages of fabric for the factory. The revolutionary solutions are presently boosting topline and bottomline for more than 120 apparel factories.



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