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Cotton Demand is Strong

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By: Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University, USA

(Lubbock, USA, March 27, 2017)-The demand for cotton is strong, which will be reflected in increased plantings.


High level of optimism was evident in Lubbock at the Plains Cotton Growers’ (PCG) meeting, this past Friday.


At least, 15% increase in acreage is expected against last year, this planting season in Texas. High Plains of Texas with 41 cotton-growing counties will see 15 to 20% increase in cotton planting this spring compared to last year.


Given the yield, quality of the crop and the price levels, cotton is the best crop in High Plains against food grains. High Plains has seen enhancement of quality in the recent crops with low bark, improvement in micronaire, which drive up cotton production, as there is demand for quality cotton world over. The importance of quality cotton with less contamination is a need felt by Indian cotton spinners. This may the reason; exporters like Australia are taking a serious look at Indian market, which itself is a leading producer of cotton.


Last year, High Plains of cotton planted 3.68 million acres of upland cotton, which is expected to go up this year. Steve Verett, Executive VP of PCG stated, growers are indicating an increase of cotton plantings for 2017, especially in our northern high plains region. Many of PCG’s members plant a various mixture of crops and we support their seeking the mix that is most efficient and profitable for their individual operation, added Verett.


The main reason for increased interest in cotton is the growing demand for cotton. Price fluctuations with synthetics and increase in general demand for cotton are major drivers. This season’s (October 16 –September 17) India’s crop is not what it was expected earlier, which also has aided more interest in cotton in the High Plains of Texas and elsewhere.


Of course, weather will be a major driver on what the yields will be for the 2017 crop in Texas, the leading cotton producing state in the United States. Large range modeling hits that good weather patterns in May to June period, that may be beneficial to cotton said, Matt Ernst, Fox34 chief meteorologist in Lubbock.



All pointers are pointing in the right direction for cotton and surely, demand is leading the charge for more cotton.


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