Unveiling of Kabadonline - Indore Event

Now Sell Your Scrap Online direct from Your Home


·         Kabadonline.com provides facility to sell your household scrap online

·         Sell your scrap on Kabadonline.com or its mobile App

·         Guarantee of 10% extra rate from the market

·         Advantage of special offers on selling junk goods in bulk

·         Certified members with police verification will come to collect the scrap

·         Digital weight machine and customer service available



It is now easier to sell junk goods at home. Kabadonline.com or Mobile App is offering a facility to sell junk sitting at home. The Indore -based Kabadonline.com has become the first institution in the country to offer the online sale of scrap goods at home. With the help of Kabadonline, any seller can directly contact the market and sell junk goods. Apart from this, the benefits of special offers can also be raised on the sale of junk goods in bulk. The specialty of the Kabadonline is that the police verification of all the vendors, who come to the house of a customer to buy junk goods, and who are available 24X7 at your service, is mandatory. With the concept of relationship, confidence and security, Kabadonline (Kabadonline.com) promises to give 10% more price than the market rate on the junk. Moreover, the organization's vendors measure the precise fill of the scrap material through the digital machine. The company claims that the trustworthy vendors of Kabadonline are available for customer service in every area of the city, so that scrap goods can be sold anywhere. It is also very easy to connect with website or mobile app of Kabadonline.


Presenting an exemplary example of empowerment of women, directorsLaticia Rajan and Jasnidhi Kaur, jointly established Kabadonline.com. Laticia Rajan Says, “As most of the houses are managed by  women, so  they have firm knowledge of waste products, such as junk papers, plastic boxes, empty bottles, or iron junk goods etc. at home. But it becomes difficult for them to sell these goods at the right price. Now Kabadonline.com allows women to sell scrap goods safely. However, it can be availed by not only women but also any person. We keep a complete record of your junk.”  


Mrs. Jasnidhi Kaur said, “Occasionally the store room of the house gets packed completely with scrap materials. But in order to put the junk to the place, you can post a request to get the junk off, using the internet through any computer or mobile, and without any hassles. In a short time you would get a call, on which you fix the time for your junk deal, and the time you specify a deal, a vendor arrives at your home with an electronic arrangement, and without any deceit, you get the right price for that junk Kabadonline.com works in this easy way.


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