The brand’s latest digital film shows us how the young and restless festive spirit is best embodied through what the youth believe in, what they do, and what they stand for


Spykar India’s leading denim wear brand hit the young and restless market in Kolkata for the upcoming festive season, with a refreshing new ad film.At the onset of Kolkata’s biggest festival of the year, Durga Puja – Spykar announced its brand campaign named #FASTMEETSFESTIVE specially targeting the millennial of the city.Witha 25 year legacy in denim, Spykar truly defines the rules of the game.


The montage film by Brandmovers India the digital agency for Spykar brings together four talented & influential faces in Kolkata - Suyasha Sengupta, a singer and musician, Chitrangada Chakraborty an actor & photographer, Sambit Chatterjee a drummer and musician, and Ayushman Mitra, an artist & entrepreneur doing what they do best in their own spheres. 


Underlined by an edgy soundtrack, the film follows the path of these four youngsters in various corners of Kolkata as they play their music, paint their canvas, and capture poignant moments. Filled with colours, the film goes to the very core of the festive restlessness that they create by being entirely themselves. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and the trendy Autumn-Winter collection by Spykar with panache. The collection fills a void for outdoor enthusiasts and speaks loud & clear that freedom is bold and adventurous just as the millennial of the country.


Sharing his views on the film, Mr. Sanjay Vakharia, COO Spykar, says -“We see our brand as truly young and restless which is why we wanted to associate with these four young influencers and make them our brand ambassadors. They are not only talented but also fierce, edgy, fun and of course constantly restless and hungry to create something unique with their vision. Our clothes symbolise the same spirit and they look great in them!"


Suvajyoti Ghosh, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Brandmovers India, said “Spykar is an exuberant and youthful brand and we wanted to create a film for the festive season that would stand out. These four faces are unique and fresh and doing really well for themselves - we tried to capture them in their real habitats and bring out the essence of the young and restless brand”


About Spykar: Established in 1992, Spykar has evolved from a leading fashion Jeans wear brand and a dominant player in the Indian denim industry. Spykar is a brand that resonates with the youth and aspiration. Keeping pace with the fashion dynamism, the brand at every point epitomizes global fashion and is a beacon of effortless style.



The brand manifests itself as one of the strongest and most stylish jeans brand with over the last two decades of experience. Right from denims, shirts, t-shirts, non-denim bottoms, and tops to accessories like belt, socks, perfumes, deodorants and bags, Spykar continues to set trends while it promises 100% comfort and styling. Spykar shopping is available online on www.spykar.comas well.  Besides online, Spykar retails from over 200 standalone stores and over 1200 retailers across 330 cities of India.



Spykar is a part of the Lord Bagri promoted Metdist Group, a diversified portfolio of companies. The Metdist Group has built a global presence in the metals trading and fabrication industries as well as other sectors such as hospitality, real estate and insurance in more recent years.

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