Italian fabric processing solution expert NEXIA appoints Orange O Tec as Indian marketing partner

  • Ø  NEXIA Ozone Production System for denim treatment
  • Ø  NEXIA Laser Machine to reproduce special effects on garment and fabric
  • Ø  NEXSTONE Device alternative to classic way of washing with stones


Italian manufacturer of machines for industrial laundry, dyeing and treating clothing, NEXIA srl DeFranceschi has named Surat based Orange O Tec as its marketing partner for India. NEXIA production systems are manufactured with new concepts, which make it possible to save water, electricity and use products and material that are respectful for the environment.


Various NEXIA technologies on offer include, Washing machines, Stone Washing Machines, Stoneless system for washing machines, Ozone production system, Hydro extractors, Dryers, Laser marking system, Static Oven, Laundry centrifugal washing machine double face type and Laundry centrifugal washing machine frontal type.


Its flagship technology is the NEXIA Ozone Production System. The use of oxygen in denim treatment processes assume more importance in the textile sector because, its systematic use allows companies to efficiently respond to different production and environmental requirements.


The company offers various variants of the NEXIA Ozone Production System depending on the size. For e.g., Generator 350 G/H can be connected to one machine, Generator 700 G/H can be connected to two machines and Generator 1400 G/H can be connected to three machines. The machines work independently from each other, so a user can use different programs on the machines.


Another technology is the NEXIA Stone Washing Machine, which is available in two different categories. Laboratory machines in 3, 17 and 40 kg capacity and production machines, with capacity ranging between 100 and 180 kgs are supplied by the company.


NEXIA also markets Dyeing Washing machines, which are used in dyeing all types of finished garments, which too are available in two different categories. Laboratory machines in 3, 17 and 40 kg capacity and production machines, with capacity ranging between 100 and 180 kgs. Machines in both these categories are available in high or low speed options and also various optional attachments.


Another technology on offer is the NEXIA Laser Machine. This machine is updated with the latest generation laser system and comes with a high speed scanning head. It can reproduce special effects such as customised patterns, images, brands, whiskers, and sandblasting effect both on finished garment and on fabric.  The equipment has many additional options and it can be customized to customer needs.


The NEXIA NDRYST is a Rotary Dryer for small and medium production. The dryer can be customised depending on need either for laboratory testing or for production, while the NEXIA NHEX is a vertical centrifugal hydro extractor for readymade garments with capacity ranging between 8 and 55 Kg.


The NEXSTONE DEVICE is an alternative to the classic way of washing with stones. The NEXTSTONE DEVICE does not require unloading of stones at the end of the cycle nor any additional washing or rinsing, to clean the residual of the pumice stone on the garment.


"We are pleased to be appointed as marketing partners of NEXIA srl DeFranceschi, which has an extensive range of latest technologies for laundry, fabric washing, dyeing and treatment," Mr Aayush Rathi, Director at Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd said. "With our excellent sales and marketing setup, which is backed with an extensive service network, we hope to capture a good share of the Indian market in the next few years."


About NEXIA srl DeFranceschi:

De Franceschi has been synonymous with top-quality laundry machinery since 1871, producing machines for industrial laundry, dyeing and treating clothing and is now a subsidiary of NEXIA. NEXIA De Franceschi is today able to supply versatile equipment at a smart price, with machines that are easy to use, able to keep costs and environmental impact low, suitable for a wide range of requirements for both white washes and denim treatments.


About Orange O Tec Pvt Ltd:

Surat based Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd. is a marketer of state-of-the-art textile and allied machinery since the last 10 years. In all these years, Orange O Tec has carved a niche par excellence, by also offering effective and prompt after sales services. Orange O Tec represents renowned international companies like MS Italy, Transmatic Europe, Lecho China, Serkon Makina and now NEXIA De Franceschi in the Indian market.



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