A.T.E.’s strategic partnership with Datatex builds client base for ERP in Indian textile industry

The successful partnership of A.T.E. and Datatex forges ahead, with a growing list of clientsin India. The Datatex ERP solution has been successfully installed at new customers such as Maral Overseas, the Premier Group, Shahi Exports and Loyal Textiles,among others. All implementations were carried out by business partner Infinite Computer Solutions (I) Ltd.

Datatex is a global leader in providing ERP solutions for the textile and apparel industry. As their software is specially designed with textile processes in mind, Datatex has built up the largest installed base in this sector with customers spanning 5 continents across 42 countries, including big groups like Vardhman and Arvind among their clients in India.


Datatex’s goal is to optimize client’s business by focusing on core functionalities like textile and apparel planning, scheduling and accurate costing.Datatex planning and the scheduling systems have proven to be one of the key success factors for its customers.


A.T.E. offers Datatex ERPsoftware witha full range of textile business-specific solutions to meet the challenges of the industry’s transformation in areas such as sales, purchase, finance, inventory, production planning, HR, scheduling, shop floor automation etc.


With over 75 years’ experience in the textile industry, A.T.E. is a domain expert across thetextile value chain providing end-to-end solutions. With the inclusion of Datatex’s ERP solutions, A.T.E.’s array of services and solutions extends further to help the Indian textile industry address bottlenecks in their business and serve theircustomers better.


Mr G V Aras, Director of A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt.Ltd. commented “I am convinced that this powerful strategic partnership, with the capacity to generate synergies, will enable us to create more value for our clients and enhance our growth potential in textile specialized ERP market.”


Mr Ronen Hagin, Vice President and Co-founder of Datatex, concluded, “I am very excited at the idea of continued partnership between Datatex and A.T.E. that will enable us to address all of our clients’ digital transformation needs. This is a demonstration of our commitment to robust business development in the Indian textile industry.”




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