half day seminar at Bhiwandi


SuvinAdvisors Pvt. Ltd,is privileged to be part of half day seminar organized by SasmiraAlumini Foundation &SasmiraPowerloom Centre at Hotel Regent, Bhiwandi on 9th February 2017. Some of the eminent speakers of the industry shared their knowledge on various industry specific topics during the seminar. The half day seminar witnessed very good response from industry delegates which includes entrepreneurs, decision makers, government officials and various stakeholders of the industry.


Mr. SharadTondon, MD Standon Consultancy&President of SasmiraAlumini Foundation (SAF) delivered welcome speech where he discussed on various activities carried out by SAF. He took this opportunity to introduce world’s first and only Marathon Run connected to the textile industry organised by SAF as one of their yearly event. He said “In  order  to  promote  good  health  and  bring  this  community  to  light  SAF  has  taken  this initiative. It willencourage textile experts and create an awareness for good health.”


Mr. Momin from Colourtex presented the technical paper on “Reduction of Re-dyeing during Yarn/Fabric processing”. In his paper, he threw light on the various process& material parameters which results in rejection due to color variation e.g. lot-wise variation in Material to Liquor ratio (MLR), water quality mainly because of water hardness, variation in weighing  of dyes & chemicals, use of non-calibrated weighing balances & variation in raw material quality and it’s supply. The information really served great knowledge to processors.


The next paper presented by Mr. Salil Shah from Prashant Group on the topic of “Importance and Developments in Modern Weaving Preparatory”. He mentioned that weaving preparatory is heart of weaving and good warp preparation is half weaving. Mr. Shah introduced the various verticals and collaborations with foreign technology partners of Prashant group such as Prashant Gamatex, Prashant Westpoint, Prashant Ferber and Prashant Texmach.


Further Mr. Shahank Pandey from Regional Office of Textile Commissioner, Navi Mumbai briefed about various government policies to support Indian textile entrepreneurs. There are around 79 schemes to boost the textile sector. He discussed about Amended Technology Up-gradation Fund Scheme (ATUFS), Scheme for Production and Employment Linked support for Garmenting & Made-ups Units under TUFS(SPELSGU), various Power loom schemes, Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks (SITP) and Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS)


Mr. Avinash Mayekar (MD & CEO, Suvin Advisors Pvt. Ltd.) presented on topic of the “Investment and Diversification Opportunities in Textiles”. He urged the entrepreneurs in & around Bhiwandi region to show the interest in investing high profit making Technical Textile (TT)sector rather than investing into conventional textiles which is running at very low margins. There are around 12 segments of technical textiles which have ample opportunities for investment. In fact the existing set up can also be modified for producing the TT products after minor modifications in current technologies.


The seminar is concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. S V Mohile of SAF. The Seminar was indeed provided the great technical knowledge on various topics as well as new investment opportunities available in textile sector.




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