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NITRA developed Smoothness Tester for textile sheeting materials



(Patent application no. 2053/DEL/2015 dated 07.07.2015)


Fabric smoothness-roughness is considered as one of the most important factors of clothing comfort. It is also a significant factor in today’s consumer buying decision. The buyers always have complaint that the smoothness of fabric is not maintained and varies from one lot to other. Fabric smoothness behaviour is directly linked to the fabric surface friction behaviour. The fabric surface characteristics depend upon yarn characteristics; weave particulars, finishing treatment etc. Ultimately it is finishing process which alters smoothness behviour as per the requirement of buyers if other parameters are nearly same. At present, the finisher evaluate the quality of finishes used to impart smoothness to the fabric by rubbing the finished fabric mechanically against itself or feeling it by rubbing between the finger and the thumb which is purely a subjective assessment.


Hence, there is a need to develop a low cost instrument that eliminates the subjective evaluation of fabric smoothness property. Such an instrument will be of help to the finishers to precisely evaluate different kind of finishes which they use in their day-to-day operations.


To assess performance of smoothness property of fabric, NITRA has invented first-of- its-kind instrument, to accurately measure smoothness properties of fabrics. The instrument works in close chamber and facility also provided to control humidity and temperature. The instrument is available in two types of versions. In the first version, there is no provision is provided for controlling temperature and humidity inside the chamber and in the second version this facility is provided depending upon the need of users.




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