SIMA CD & RA at the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Association

I extend a warm welcome to all of you for the 42nd Annual General Meeting of The SIMA Cotton Development and Research Association.

The Annual Report, Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet of the Association for the year 2016-17 have already been circulated to all the members.  With your permission, I presume that they have been read.

Since all the details pertaining to the Association’s activities on cotton scenario have already been given in the Annual Report, I shall confirm my address only on the important aspects.

Cotton Scenario

The global cotton production for the 2016-17 season has been estimated at   23.19 million tonnes, 10% higher than previous season production of 21.07 million tonnes, because of increased production in all the major cotton growing countries.   India’s production has been estimated at 345 lakh bales, 4% higher than from previous season production of 332 lakh bales.

The global cotton consumption has been estimated at 24.74 million tonnes, 2% higher than previous season consumption of 24.22 million tonnes.  However, India’s consumption (including non-mill consumption) has been estimated at 312 lakh bales, marginally lower than previous season consumption of 315 lakh bales.

The global exports have been estimated at 8.1 million tonnes,higher than previous season exports of 7.7 million tonnes.   However, Indian exports during the season have come down to 60 lakh bales, from previous season export of 69 lakh bales. 

As far as the cotton season 2017-18 is concerned, both global production and consumption has been estimated marginally higher than previous season.  Production and consumption has been estimated at 25.54 and 25.56 million tonnes respectively.  Global trade in cotton has been expected to be at the previous season level of about      8 million tonnes.

Global stocks at the end of the season have been estimated at 19.62 million tonnes, marginally higher than previous season ending stock of 19.59 million tonnes.

Cotton prices

The Minimum Support Price of fair average quality kapas of medium staple and long staple was increased by Rs.50/- for 2016-17 season.  MSP of medium staple and long staple was Rs.3,860 and Rs.4,160 per quintal respectively.  There was a recommendation to increase the MSP by Rs.160 for 2017-18 season.  Accordingly, MSP for the current season 2017-18 for medium staple and long staple would be Rs.4,020 and Rs.4,320 respectively.

Season average of Cotlook A index for 2016-17 has been projected at 83 cents per pound, 19 per cent higher than previous season average of 70 cents per pound.  However, for the 2017-18 season, the average index has been projected at 69 cents per pound by the ICAC.

2015-16 season (Oct–Sept) average of Shankar-6 stood at Rs.36,978 per candy, 12% higher than previous season average of Rs.33,159 per candy.  However, prices increased during 2016-17 season and the average during October to August worked out to Rs. 41,680 per candy, 13% higher than previous season average. 

During the current season 2016-17, monthly average prices were higher than previous season corresponding month average prices during October to June.  However, the same ruled lower in July and August.  With comfortable cotton supply both in the domestic and international markets, the prices are anticipated to ease in the coming months.  As the prices ruled above the MSP, CCI has not procured cotton under MSP during the season.


Activities of SIMA CD & RA

Seed production and sales

SIMA CD & RA distributed 64.106 metric tonnes of cotton seeds in Tamil Nadu,  Karnataka and Maharashtra states during the year 2016-17 as against 42 metric tonnes distributed during the previous year.  Due to the poor demand for non-Bt seeds and drought, the Association was constrained to sell only around 36 m.t. of cleaned seeds as refugee at lower rate in order to clear the stock.  Surabhi variety covered around 59 per cent of seed distribution.  During the year 2016-17, the Association did not venture into marketing of SIMA GKD-1 Bt hybrid cotton seeds.


During 2016-17 season, seed multiplication and production programme was carried out for 57 metric tonnes of varietal seeds.  Under Tamil Nadu Cotton Cultivation Mission, the Director of Agriculture sanctioned production subsidy for 70 metric tonnes of seeds, for which the Association received subsidy amount of Rs. 28.5 lakhs for production of 57 metric tonnes of foundation stage seeds.  The subsidy sanctioned initially for 150 number of Kapas Plucker machine at Rs.4,250 per machine was subsequently withdrawn by the Government due to shortage of fund.

SIMA Kapas Plucking machine

Friends, you are well aware that our Association had developed hand-held battery operated kapas plucking machine jointly with Point Industries.  Former Chairmen of SIMA and CD&RA Mr J Thulasidharan, Mr T Rajkumar and the present SIMA Chairman   Mr M Senthilkumar, CITI Past Chairman Mr P D Patodia, former CITI Chairman,           Mr Naishadh Parikh, Mr Suresh A Kotak, our Council Member, Mr R K Agarwal and Secretary General of our Association have been making continuous efforts and persuading the Ministry of Textiles, especially the Cotton Corporation of India to extend support for the machine.

As per the direction of Hon’ble Union Textile Minister, Smt Smriti Zubin Irani, CCI placed work order for 300 Nos of Kapas Plucker machines for their branches at Akola, Ahmedabad and Warrangal.  Accordingly, our Association supplied the machines and          Mr K Madhu Babu, Officer of SIMA CD & RA was personally present in all the three branches of CCI and trained the farmers and extended required services.  Hon’ble Union Textile Minister also indicated that the Government would extend larger support for the machine once all the 300 machines undertaken by CCI for trial prove success.

As usual, we have been participating in all the Agri Expos and demonstrating our activities and the kapas plucker. 

Nomination of cotton cultures in AICRP trial

Yet another notable achievement of the Association during the year was nomination of three cultures viz., SIMA-5, SB-SG-1-5 and Shakthi Ht-1 Bt developed by SIMA CD & RA for testing in AICRP trial at free of cost in 20 centres and al the same had been promoted from IET to PVT trials in Central and South zones.

Recently, we have given another three more cultures namely,

1.    SHSJ-23, long staple variety, sucking pest tolerant, having potential to give        3,200 Kg/ha, 36% ginning outturn, 31 plus staple length, 23 plus g/tex strength and 3.66 micronaire.

2.    SHC-32,  long staple variety, sucking pest tolerant, having potential to give         2,715 Kg/ha, 40% ginning outturn, 27 plus staple length, 22 plus g/tex strength and 3.80 micronaire.

3.    SB-P-3-3, extra long staple variety having potential to give 2,002 Kg/ha, 33% ginning outturn, 38 plus staple length, 34 plus g/tex strength and 3.4 micronaire.


First and foremost, I thank all the member mills, members of the Council of Administration, Special Invitees, Advisory Committee for Strategic Planning and Technical Advisory Committee for their wholehearted support to enable the Association to carry out cotton development activities successfully during my tenure as Chairman of the Association.

We thank the Hon’ble Union Textile Minister Smt Smriti Zubin Irani, Textile Secretary      Mr Arun Kumar Singh, Former Textile Secretary Smt Rashmi Verma, Textile Commissioner, Dr Kavita Gupta, Former CCI CMD Mr B K Mishra, CCI CMD (I/C),      Mr M M Chockalingam for extending their valuable support for our kapas plucker.  We also thank Mr Suresh A Kotak of Kotak and Company Ltd, Mr P D Patodia, Chairman of CITI CDRA and Dr S A Ghorpade, Adviser CITI CDRA and Dr R S Tripathi, Project Coordinator, Rajasthan exclusively for popularizing our kapas plucker in North India.  We also thank Mr Dhiren Sheth, Former President of Cotton Association of India for taking efforts to popularize the machine not only in India but also in other cotton growing countries like Australia, etc.

My special thanks are also due to our Former Chairman Mr T Rajkumar, who made strenuous efforts to get 50% subsidy from Tamil Nadu Government for kapas plucking machine and making it as success.  We also thank Mr S Dinakaran, Former Chairman of SIMA, Mr V Sudhakar Chowdary, Council Member and Mr R K Agarwal, Former Council Member and other Council Members for their wholehearted support for popularizing the activities of SIMA CD & RA especially the kapas plucking machine. We profusely thank the Office Bearers, Former Chairmen, Council Members especially Chairman of SIMA Mr M Senthilkumar, Deputy Chairman Mr PNataraj and Vice Chairman Mr K Vinayakam for acting as the pillars in all our activities and also giving encouragement to market the kapas plucker in the interest of spinning sector and the cotton textile industry.

We thank all the Scientists and Officials of the CICR, CIRCOT, TNAU, Department of Agriculture, Joint Director of Agriculture, Seed Inspection and Seed Certification for their valuable support and guidance.  We gratefully extend our thanks to Director General, Assistant Director General, Director and Project Co-ordinator and Head of Central Institute of Cotton Research for their valuable guidance for nomination of our cotton culture in AICRP trials with free of testing fees.

Our sincere thanks are also due to the Chairman of CITI for their guidance and help for marketing our kapas plucking machine in the Northern region.  We thank Former Chairman and CITI Chairman Mr J Thulasidharan for his valuable support in marketing our kapas plucker machine to the cotton farmers.

We are grateful to Syndicate Bank, Avinashi Road Branch for the timely financial support and also to the Indian Bank, Main Branch, Coimbatore. Our special thanks     are also to our Statutory Auditor M/s P N Raghavendra Rao & Company and              M/s S Lakshminarayanan Associates, Internal Auditors for audition of our accounts and giving various suggestions for improvement of SIMA CD & RA.

We thank the Director and all the officials of SITRA, President, Vice President and all the officials and staff members of Indian Cotton Federation (SICA) for their continued support and cooperation for analyzing and testing our lint samples at free of cost and other development activities in a fitting manner.

We thank M/s Point Industries, Coimbatore for designing and manufacturing SIMA Kapas Plucker machine.

We gratefully thank the management and the Director of Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture, Mankkadavu for sparing their land for conduct of field trials of our R & D activities.

We express our sincere appreciation to the Director and the Commissioner of Agriculture, Chennai for providing financial assistance and support for implementing the technology transfer activities to the cotton farmers through NADP scheme and Tamil Nadu Cotton Cultivation Mission.

We thank Dr V Santhanam for his enthusiastic technical guidance in all our R & D works. We thank our Immediate Past Chairman Mr C K Narayanasaami, Mr R Elango, Deputy Chairman and Mr R Ravichandran, Vice Chairman and also all the Former Chairmen, without their support, the sterling achievements of the Association would not have been possible.

I appreciate the excellent team work discharged by the Secretariat under the leadership of Secretary General Dr K Selvaraju, Secretary (Agri R & D) Mrs Asha Rani and Cotton Research & Development Officer Mr V Muthusamy and all other staff members.

Before I conclude, friends, I once again thank the member mills, council members, cotton experts, scientists, cotton seed manufacturers and the stakeholders of cotton and each and everyone who directly and indirectly extended their valuable support to successfully run my leadership as Chairman of SIMA Cotton Development and Research Association.


Thank you.

Address by Mr B.Lakshminarayana, Chairman,

SIMA CD & RA at the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Association

at 6.45 p.m. on Saturday,the September 9, 2017 at “RUBY”, Hotel Le Meridien, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.

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