NITRA INTRODUCES Smoothness Tester for fabric and sheeting materials

    NITRA has invented innovative instrument to accurately measuresmoothnesspropertyofalltypesoffabricsand sheetingmaterials–longstandingdemandofthe Textile Industry


  With this instrument the smoothness properties can be quantified/graded which otherwise was carried out by

subjective evaluation.


Theinstrumentwillhelpfinisherstomodifytheirfinishingprocessasperthesmoothness requirement of the buyers.


Itwillhelptheindustrytopreciselyevaluatedifferentkindoffinishes,whichtheyuseintheir day-to-day operations to alter fabric surface.


  Fabric evaluation form an important consumer perspective i.e. fabric feel can be now objectively evaluated

Two versions of instruments are developed as per the need of customers.

o  The first version is available for those customers who are having RH and temperature controlling facility in their laboratory.

o  In the second version, facility of controlling temperature and RH inside the chamber is


   0The alternative for measuring smoothness is using Kawabata evaluation system and FTT fabric touch tester, which are very expensive.




NAGROOITASIFor further details,please contact:



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