India ITME-2016 was held in NESCO from 3rd -8th Dec.2016. The India ITME-2016 Exhibition was planned and executed as a complete business, educational and cultural interactive event representing industry as well as our country and its potential in all aspect.



India ITME-2016 was an outstanding live demo of machinery over 6 day period with

  • ž  Total Electricity consumption                   - 17 MW
  • ž  Utilities consumption                              - air-152 & water -36
  • ž  Total exhibition Area utilized                   -  147000 sq.m


The exhibition covered the entire textile machinery value chain spanning from spinning, weaving, knitting, braiding, yarn dyeing, printing, processing, garmenting, finishing, technical textiles & other accessories.  Visitors from 72 countries witnessed extensive range of new machineries, new launches & new technology advancement.  Such a mammoth event where 2000 + machinery needs to moved & placed & set up with 7 days & run live for 6 days, then dismantle & moved out is full of risk at every step. The risks of accidents, injury, fire, damage to equipment are high.  Preparation & planning with extensive detailing for every activity is a must.


India ITME Society is a 40 year old industry body organizing one of the largest Textile Machinery Exhibition in India and amongst the top exhibitions internationally. In India, no other industrial exhibition of such volume and size is being handled by such a small team of 11 staff.



Various measures are taken by ITME team to ensure safety & to handle a crises situation successfully:


It is a necessary to pay extensive attention towards safety of the exhibitors, visitors and the equipments and machinery on ground. As organizer, India ITME Society, detailes emergency plan prepared prior to the event. Over period of 1 year, prior to the event joint vendors meet are organized every quarter and each service provider is asked to prepare and present safety plans for their own staff and service. Safety briefing for service providers are arranged along with interactions with Mumbai police department, traffic & fire dept. In all the service providers meetings, the venue owners are invited to attend & participate.  This ensures that the constraints of the venue & the guidelines from the venue team are also taken into consideration before finalizing the plan. A final master plan is prepared by compiling every body’s safety concern in mind and separate plan are prepared for pre event dates and during the dates.    Emergency evacuation plan is posted at the various strategic locations throughout the venue apart from being provided in the visitor guide & exhibitor guide.


The exhibition staff such as utility service staff, hall managers, housekeeping staff, Security personnel, Fire Brigade, and help desk staff are given briefing for safety evacuation prior to the event to ensure that every staff knows the procedure and shall be able to reduce panic and help the exhibitors & visitors in case of a emergency. The safety measures such as fire engine, doctor and ambulance, traffic management team baggage scanners are a must.  The left luggage counters, the check in procedure, staff entry, catering staff entry, temporary staff entry and exit is incorporated into the system after extensive discussions with state police.


Every entry into the exhibition area is secured & every personnel within the exhibition area are accounted for. CC TV surveillance cover the exhibition area entirely. The luggage scanners also installed at all entry points of the exhibition. It is important to ensure safe environment for both exhibitors and visitors both within exhibition & in the immediate outside area such as entrance gates, parking area & service roads. 



Apart from the regular police dept. large numbers of additional traffic wardens are engaged to ensure smooth traffic flow from both domestic and international airports towards the venue as well as provide assistance to the international visitors in finding directions etc.



A separate police chowky was set up inside the venue to ensure speedy as well as facilitate for filing any complaint by a visitor or exhibitor in a priority basis without losing time.


All the exhibition staff and the key service staffs are provided with specific uniform so that the visitor or exhibitor can easily identify the staff and approach for help. Every equipment used on the ground such as port lifts, or cranes are marked and assigned with service providers name, again for quick and easy identification in case of any emergency.



The traffic flow and movement inside exhibition venue is planned in detail to ensure smooth movement of personnel and vehicles not only within the exhibition venue but also at the entry/ exit point and connecting roads outside the exhibition grounds. 



Micro Planning, training, preparation of human resources, detailed schedules and standard operation procedures are a must to the success of any event.  It is important to leave no stone unturned to ensure safety of man and machine and reduce the risk factor to the minimal. 



It is my pleasure to share my 38 years of experience and learning from trial and error with the industry today.  The most important element in all the preparation is team work and absolute sync with colleagues and service partners.


Shekhar Shridhankar

Joint Director


India ITME Society


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