Colouring the Emperor’s New Clothes: International Summit on Textile Coloration


  • Date: 8 March 2017
  • Location: BMICH Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Cost: £30.00 SDC members / £40.00 non-members

Organised by SDC International, booking is now open for this International Summit on Textile Coloration 2017.  

It took a small boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale to point out that the Emperor was wearing no clothes. The International Summit on Textile Coloration 2017, will play the role of Andersen’s small boy and tackle some of the difficult questions around technical innovation and environmental sustainability within the textile coloration industry.

There are sessions on:

  • Compliance in Colour Management
  • Compliance in Coloration of Textiles
  • Compliance in Fashion


Why should you attend?
Meet the people who are driving the change. Know the people who have used the new innovations. Learn the path to a better world of coloration! What’s the way ahead? Who will pay for the increased cost of sustainability? Is fashion the most polluting industry? How toxic are the clothes that I buy? How organic is organic?

The world is changing fast. Colorists have to recognize the challenge and face it squarely.


  • Retailers and brand owners demand the best performance at ever decreasing prices
  • Frequent eco norm changes place the colourists under tremendous pressure and may introduce perceived trade barriers
  • The cost of natural resources and labour are increasing worldwide with consequential impacts on margins in static or decreasing prices markets
  • Challenges include unsold retail inventories
  • Global markets are increasingly turbulent with the emergence of online selling channels
  • Eco-friendly products are unable to leverage higher prices from purchasers


For further information, including a downloadable booking form, please visit thewebsite or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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