Mr. Ankit Tibrewal, Director & COO –Uniform

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Mr. Ankit Tibrewal, Director & COO –Uniform


TVC : Brief about your company products and services.

AT : Qmax is well known for delivering world-class quality fabrics. The segments that the company has focused in the recent times are the uniforms. The company has triggered a direct fight to get a place for itself in the top of the value chain. The company has made its own segmentation by creating and innovating fabrics like none other. The company has made a distinguished position in order to not only add customers but to retain them over years. Qmax Group has launched corporate uniforms this season in the name of Q’sign and we take pride in the response that it has garnered even before the catalogs have reached the market. Q’sign brings in over 500+ designs of 2/80s PC fabrics; the fabrics are targeted towards corporates and garmenters. The company has taken the innovative approach in differentiating each of its fabrics from the market in order to create its own set of customers. These customers are those who wish Qmax to extend its thinking over and over again and that’s the approach Qmax has taken. Qmax believes to fulfill its customers with not only quality fabrics but with innovative designs at competitive prices. 

TVC : What has been the trend of consumption of fabrics and garments in the last 5 years?

AT : The trend of consumption has been upwards for uniform fabrics in the last 5 years. The market has been flooded with corporates who are implementing professionalism at every step. One of the key aspects of implementing professionalism is by the way a person is dressed. Over the years more and more companies are implementing uniforms at their offices. This not only indicates their identity but also helps reduce differences between the staff.

Not only this, as people aspirations have increased and their willing to get higher education, there has been a remarkable growth in the number of schools and institutions that are flowering in India. This growth has not only inspired us to think new designs but also innovate better fabrics. Qmax has been known for its superior shirting’s and now for its premium and fancy suiting’s as well. The company boasts of over 2000+ designs and believes that options should never be exhausted and each and every customer should be entertained.

TVC : Do you think consumers postpone cloth and garment purchases in the years of high consumer prices and purchase more cloth and garments when consumer price have reduced?

AT: I feel this question is really market specific and it definitely holds true to some markets. But as the segment we deal in is not at all hindered by such trends as it’s a mandatory at every school and thereby a must by for the parent during the start of the school.



TVC : The present cloth and garment production in the country is US $ 120 billion worth, of which exports are US $ 40 billion and domestic consumption is US $ 80 billion. What do you expect domestic consumption to be by FY 2015- 16 ?

AT : In India potential is increasing as consumption increasing exponentially and we are planning to doubled the sales in next FY in domestic market as number of schools, corporate, start up is increasing, uniform culture increasing . More people travelling internationally, so consumer have changed their tastes, preferences for buying.  Internationally, middle east, Asian market prefer Indian fabrics, we are targeting the market.

TVC : There is a fundamental shake up in retail marketing.  Apart from brick and mortar stores, e-retailing has captured consumers because of competitive prices and carrots like heavy discount. In e-retailing also, there are various models, some are software companies, providing a platform to manufacturer/supplier to sell their products. Some hold stocks in their name. There is a problem of taxation in some cases. Will you kindly give your views on different models?

AT : Online market place is its initial start stage in India, as compare to international market. In India, online experience is different. As here consumer wants to feel, touch the product, have the product first and then pay. As many consumer don’t have trust on online community, not sure of the product. COD ( Cash on Delivery) only applicable in India, not anywhere around the world. Brick & Online runs parallel, both are important to sustain the industry.

Tailoring revolution as its peak, using the technology, tailor giving stitched garment within 24 hours after fabric selected.

Generating traffic for online portal is the most important. our company will plan in future to tie up with schools, so parents can access our portal and purchase the uniform from our website.

TVC : We learn that some leading mills and garment manufacturer are starting their own platform to sell their products. Do you think this trend will remain confined to top companies in the field?

AT: I personally feel it’s a matter of choice and effort. Leading mills and garment manufacturer may start their own platform, as they might be able to liquidate more than their other counterparts. Its really not that easy to run an online e-commerce portal, a lot goes in to it, majorly its important to drive traffic to the website. An e-commerce portal that cannot drive traffic to its website may not be successful in the long run. Rather then opting for own platforms, the lesser known companies can opt to sell on the rather famous, traffic garnering portals that will help it capitalize well on the stocks and also help build a brand for them.

TVC : Do you think the product like fabric or garment or home textiles is sold on strength of its feel, drape, fiber composition where price and mortar model scores over the rest?

AT : In the fabric industry, the feel of the fabric is really important and therefore the mortar model was always the preferred one. But now I feel there are various startups that are taking the online route in a well-structured model. The feel and fiber composition of the fabric is really important but so do the convenience factor; the importance for which is increasingly being given more importance day after day. E-commerce channel has given people the convenience to shop without leaving their houses and deliveries being made right at their doorstep. Indian customers are very price sensitive and wish to pay on receiving the product and there comes in the COD Facility as a Boon to them. There will come a time wherein the brick and mortar model will complement the e-commerce model and thereby both will prevail parallel to each other.






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