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Timely Support form Bankers…

Views of Mr. Surendra Shetty, 3 Decades Experience in Finance, Qualified as M.Com & LLB , Currently working as Chief Financial Officer ( CFO) of Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.

Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd., is a public limited Company, is in four major verticals – Yarn Dyeing, Fabrics, Readymade Garments & Furnishing. The Company has paid up capital of Rs 9.75 crores of which 67% is held by promoters & balance by general public.

The principal raw material is Yarn, sourced indigenously. Siyaram buys Polyester Viscose yarn in bulk & also uses natural yarn in small quantities.

The Company believes in remaining on the forefront by adopting innovative & state-of-art technology. It has been modernizing its facilities on regular basis & has consistently made investments in technological up-gradations. This has enabled the company in offering contemporary & value-for-money products to its customers.

The company has been prudent in managing its short term & long term finances & has never diverted short term finances for long term purposes & vice versa.

The Company has been aptly supported by its bankers in all times & the company believes that the bankers have been an integral part of its success story .














Siyaram Silk Mills is a Public limited company with a long standing. In the equity capital, the share of promoters is 67% and balance 33% with Public.

Our raw material is yarn of different fibres twists etc. which is purchased by us. Siyaram is engaged in the activities of blending, dyeing, weaving, garmenting and branding. 95% of our production is the blend of polyeter and viscose and only 5% is blend with cotton as one of the components.

Our company is taking full advantage of the technology up gradation fund scheme of the Ministry of Textiles. It is one of the most modern mill in the country relying on state of the art machinery and sophisticated technology.

We believe in adoption of innovative methods, infusion of modern technology, track of changing tastes and preferences of the consumer are the basic parameters on which we have build up our organization. Another important factor is the working capital management which is never diverted for long term purposes.

I am proud of saying that our bankers support us at all times which is also an important reason of our success story.




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