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·         In 3 weeks 3 big shows in Surat ie. Garfab ,SITEX  2016, SITME 2016.

Textile and Garment technology fair, displayed machines are Embroidery, high speed weaving, digital textile, processing, yarn predatory machine, spare parts etc category.

·         Embroidery patch work and Lace in demand in sarees. Surat traders got orders from Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana. Not good wedding season, for summer season soft / pastel colours in demand. 60gms soft polyester, georgette, shiffon, net fabrics, dyed, printed fabrics, Printed, sibori, tie and tie is in demand. Sarees with pastle colour & dark colour blouse in demand which is selling at Rs. 500/700 to Rs. 1500/2000. Surat traders are not working without catalog, as retailer asking for  12- 16 set of catalog.

·         Central government reduced custom duty from 5% to 2.5 %. So imported fibers, Fabrics will be in demand, importing fabric and exporting garments / made ups will be highly beneficial to exporters. But this will affect domestic fiber, yarn and fabric manufacturer/ suppliers.  

·         Central government levied duties on synthetic fibers. But who makes the PSF & PFY through waste plastics, they are also into radar. If company takes CEN VAT then its 12.5 % excise duty (previously only 6%) , if not taking CEN VAT then only 2% duty.

·         Readymade garments & made ups price in bulk increased from 30% to 60%

·         Synthetic yarn price increase, in 3 weeks Filament yarn price increased by Rs. 22. POY & PTY increased by Rs. 2. Nylon FDY increased by Rs. 3/ kg. Crimp yarn denier increased by Rs. 12 to 15. Main reason for increase prices are supply and demand gap, weavers are in tension.

·         Local market business low, payment issue, Grey fabric manufactures now keeping 2 days holiday as less work, less workers. Few industrial working only day shift, few closed down and declared vacation for some time, as grey fabric demand is really reduced.  

·         Surat Local Yarn Price :



80 Crimp

Rs. 104

90 Crimp

Rs. 102

100 Crimp

Rs. 100/101

80/72 Semidull Roto

Rs. 106

80/72 full dull Roto

Rs. 112

50/24 Crimp

Rs. 122/125




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