JB Ecotex LLP: Jaybharat Group: We Believe In Delivering Quality


Brand name:Jaybharat

Company name: JB Ecotex LLP

Brand Tagline: Fibre Reincarnated

Segment: Recycle Polyester Staple Fibre

Market Share of your Brand in your segment: 12.50% Market Share approx in recycle polyester staple fibre market in India

USP of Brand: High Tenacity Fibre with all qualities parameters near to virgin. Black Fibre is having all colourand other quality values near to Virgin Polyester Fibre.

Branding Strategies in Indian Market / International Market: - To be consistent in quality, strong quality control measures, regular feedback from customers/spinners, best service with best quality in segment


Jaybharat Group: We Believe In Delivering Quality 



We at Jaybharat Group are always open to new ideas. There is serious threat to the environment due to solid waste particularly the plastic waste. With the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2014, we observed that there is strong need for a recycling industry to make India a clean and better place.


So we worked on many ideas about recycling waste, but to start a business in private sector it should be commercially viable business. As we are in to textile business since long hence we came to conclusion that recycling of waste PET Bottles into Polyester Staple Fibre would be more suitable to us as we have good technical knowledge, experience, and contacts in the industry and at the same time we can contribute to protect the environment. We started working on said project in January 2015 and started production from October 2015.


Challenges / Hardship you faced during the journey:

1.      Selecting the technology which can produce best quality textile grade fibre i.e. high tenacity fibre.

2.      Our project requires 90 tons of waste pet bottles per day, which numbered to approx 4.50 millions waste bottles per day. The collection of such huge quantity of pet bottle waste was very tough. Our team has worked day and night to create strong network of collection centre across the country.


Achievement till date

We have produced the best recycle polyester staple fibre in Indian market. All the Quality parameters of our fibre are almost equal to virgin polyester staple fibre. At present we are number one as a quality producer of recycle polyester staple fibre in India. We are first manufacturer in India who produced 1 Denier in recycle polyester staple fibre.

Within 6 months from the start of commercial production we achieved 100% capacity utilisation and now i.e. within 2 years of start of commercial production we are going to double our production w.e.f. October 2017.

Our new plant is also in state of art plant with latest technology, now we have target to produce black and other colours of recycle polyester staple fibre. We are sure that our product i.e. recycle dope dyed polyester staple fibre, will be best in Indian market due to technological advantage.

Vision for reaching for next level

After start of commercial production of our new plant during October 2017, we will be third largest producer of recycle polyester staple fibre in India. Our installed capacity will reach to 150 tons per day.

Our CMD, Jitendra Arya has stated the company with a vision to become second largest producer of recycle polyester staple fibre in India within next 5 years after Reliance Industries Ltd.


Further the group also have a vision to enter in to manufacturing of recycle filament yarn. 

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